MD/PhD Candidates Tony and Feria Get Married!

MD/PhD Group Shot at Tonia and Feria's Wedding.
Left to right: Laura Doherty (DMD/PhD GS3), Victor Wang (MD/PhD GS3), Laura Urbanski ((MD/PhD GS3), Gianluca Arianna (MD/PhD GS2), Peter Larson (Author, MD/PhD GS3), Kristin Tokarski (MD/PhD GS3), and the happy couple Feria Ladha (MD/PhD GS3) and Tony Pettinato (MD/PhD GS3).

The UConn MD/PhD program would very warmly like to congratulate  Feria Ladha and Tony Pettinato, two 5th year MD/PhD candidates on their marriage this Saturday, July 20th!

Tony and Feria
5th year MD/PhD Candidates Feria Ladha and Anthony Pettinato taking their vows together.

Feria and Tony met in August 2015, at the beginning of their first year in the program. During her speech, Feria’s sister and Maid of Honor credited Jennifer Chung, another member of the program from their year, for nudging them into romance. By October the two were officially dating, and they eventually both joined the same cardiology laboratory of physician-scientist Travis Hinson (Dual appointment at UConn Health and Jax-GM). Where they¬† wnt on to pass their qualifying exams together and have some of the most productive years of graduate research the program has seen.


Speaking on behalf of the family and all their friends present, Tony and Feria are two of the most exceptionally hard-working, well-humored, honest, intelligent, down-to-earth, and persevering people I know. They have been excellent friends to all of us in their cohort. But most importantly, they make each other exceedingly happy. We wish them a lifetime of endless love and fulfillment. Congratulations to the happy couple!