Career Advising

Career advising presents longitudinal programming of mandatory and optional experiences throughout the three stages of the M Delta curriculum, helping students identify their career path following graduation from medical school. Programming includes introduction to various specialties, networking, non-clinical career paths, and preparing for and entering the match. Specialty specific career advisors are available throughout all stages of the curriculum to provide specific, directed, individualized counseling, and all students are assigned a specialty specific advisor by the time they enter Stage 3 of the curriculum.

Mandatory programming includes:

  • Stage 1: Careers in Medicine
  • Stage 2: Residency Fair, ERAS/MSPE Planning Meeting
  • Stage 3: MSPE Meeting, Specialty Specific Career Advisor, Rank Order Meeting

Optional programming includes:

  • All Stages: Interest Groups, Shadowing
  • Stage 1: ILOs
  • Stage 2: CLIC FLEX, Electives (Clinical and Research)
  • Stage 3: Mock Interviews, Electives (Clinical and Research)

For more information, current students should refer to the Career Advising Organization under HuskyCT. If you do not have access to this organization, please contact AITS or the Office of Student Affairs.