Scholarly Year Enrichment

The standard M.D. program is four years in duration. Students may also apply to the following combined and dual degree programs:


The M.D. Fifth-Year Enrichment program allows students to enrich the standard program with up to a year of full-time academic work, outside of the formal combined and dual degree programs.

Students must apply for acceptance into the five-year program. Application to the program can be made at the completion of any academic year, although it is anticipated that most students will pursue the extra year of academic work following completion of phase 1 of the curriculum (year 2), and prior to starting phase 2 (year 3). Applications are submitted to the Office of Medical Student Affairs and are reviewed by the Five Year Program Committee.

The application consists of a written proposal of the academic activity to be pursued during the extra year and a letter of support from the faculty advisor who will oversee this work. For those students who wish to pursue their academic activity at another institution, letters of support must be submitted from both a UConn faculty advisor and the off-site advisor would will directly supervise and oversee the proposed activity.

Students admitted into the program will not be charged tuition for the extra year but must pay all student fees. During this extra year, students will be enrolled full-time in the School of Medicine and their transcript will indicate that they participated in an extra year of full-time academic study. If a student chooses to pursue a degree at another institution (or another school within UConn), they are not eligible to participate in the five-year program. Instead, they must take a leave of absence from the School of Medicine and enroll in the other institution.