Dear UConn School of Medicine Community,

This is an exciting time for the University of Connecticut School of Medicine. We are in the midst of a major reform of our curriculum and also immersed in our self-study for re-accreditation. Faculty, staff, and students have been working incredibly hard to make these transformative curricular changes and to reflect on our strengths and areas for improvement.

Members of our community have been working very hard on the self-study with compilation of the DCI (Data Collection Instrument); we have six subcommittees working under the direction of a Steering Committee, led by Dr. Tom Regan as the Chair. Our students have done an incredible job in completing the ISA (Independent Student Analysis). It is a monumental task that informs continuing excellence in our school. In addition, administrative leaders in undergraduate medical education form the LCME Task Force and for the past two years – in an effort toward continuous quality improvement – have examined the LCME standards and have completed 25 TAPS (Task Force Action Plans).

This is a community project: taking care of the SOM in a collaborative way, reflecting on our progress and planning for the future. Please join us in the effort!

David Henderson, M.D.
Former Associate Dean for Student Affairs
Associate Dean for Multicultural and Community Affairs
Associate Dean for Faculty Accreditation Lead