Student Advisory Program

The SOM coaching program is designed to support student success by giving each student a pair of coaches (an MD and an investigator) and a resident or fellow, all of whom are available to work with  students as they adapt to medical school and begin to develop as a physician.  Coaches help students set and work toward goals, help students identify their needs and resources that will address those needs, provide support to the career advising program, and keep an eye on student academic progress so that any difficulties can be identified and addressed early.  Typical goals the students and coaches may address might include skills for working in small groups, skills of self-directed and independent learning, and giving and getting feedback from student peers.  The overall goal of the Coaching Program is to promote student development both personally and professionally, including student success as learners.

Students will meet regularly with one faculty coach, and have the ability to meet with the other faculty coach and the resident/fellow periodically.  Students and their primary coach will develop a contract or agreement that will guide how they will work together and what individual goals will be addressed.  These contracts will be regularly revised as student goals and needs change.

Legacy Curriculum Advisory

The Career Development and Mentoring program has been in place since 2010. Advisors are assigned to students, and remain as their advisors for phases 1 and 2 of the curriculum. Advisory groups meet periodically throughout each year. Advising groups have goals and objectives for each of their meetings, and use this time to review the Careers in Medicine curriculum. Advisors provide guidance and career counseling. In the third year, students select a departmental advisor for discipline-specific advice.