Program for Academic Student Success (PASS)

The Program for Academic Student Success (PASS) is designed to provide students with additional learning resources to address individual academic needs at all stages within the School of Medicine’s M Delta curriculum. Efficient study skills and effective approaches to learning are critical to success. All students are encouraged to utilize the resources available through PASS. Examples of services include:

  • Development of individualized study plans
  • 1:1 or small group sessions to work on:
    • Time management
    • Organization
    • Study skills
    • Test taking skills
    • Test anxiety
    • Anxiety and stress management
    • Concentration strategies
    • Learning strategies
    • Procrastination solutions
    • Reading comprehension strategies

PASS is run by the SOM’s learning specialist, Dr. Laura Miller. Dr. Miller works in conjunction with Students Affairs, the Academic Advancement Committee (AAC), academic coaches, and all invested faculty to help identify and work with students who may benefit from additional learning support. The learning specialist works in concert with the resources available through Student Affairs, Mental Health Services, and Educational/Library Resources in order to best support students based upon individual needs.

In addition, PASS looks to assist faculty with professional development on topics such as identification of struggling students, provision of meaningful feedback, and how to reach diverse learners in the classroom.